Zone Your Workplace with These Floor Striping Options

Maximizing efficiency and safety of warehouses, docks, and other work areas require designating specific areas for certain uses. For example, lanes that are used by fast-moving forklifts and other industrial equipment should be separated from pedestrian walkways.

Warehouse aisles should be similarly marked to prevent collisions, alert workers to overhead dangers, and maximized workplace order.

Painting Stripes and Lines

One of the simplest solutions is to paint lines on the floor of your work area to designate different areas for different uses. Spray paint and striping machines can make creating designated areas within your workplace quick and simple work.

Industrial striping machines can be used for everything from parking lots to dock and warehouse floors. Spray cans of paint fit simply into these convenient tools to create neat, straight lines.

Painting traffic lanes, safety zones, and other lines onto even large areas of workplace can be completed quickly and efficiently

The Problem with Paint

But there are a number of problems with using paint to mark lanes.

First, paint can be messy. Unless you use a template, free painting lines and other markings can look unprofessional.

Then there’s the need to keep people and vehicles off the paint until it can dry. If somebody accidentally tramples on wet paint, they can track it all over your warehouse or dock, creating a whole new set of problems.

Finally, there are the chemical hazards. Using spray paint indoors can create a cloud of unsafe fluorocarbons and other chemicals which can be dangerous if inhaled. Painting lanes and other floor markings need to be done at night by workers using ventilators or other breathing apparatus, a time-consuming and disruptive task.

Vinyl Floor Striping Paint

A less disruptive option could be vinyl floor striping tape. Available in a variety of colors and widths, striping tape can be applied neatly and quickly to most surfaces without the potential hazards of using spray paint.

Vinyl floor striping paint is even available with anti-slip surfaces, reducing the risk of workers tripping, slipping, or falling as a result of the tape floor markings.

For the straightest lines and maximum neatness, use a floor tape applicator to lay down the tape in the patterns you want. Tape applicators are adjustable to accommodate different widths of tape for different uses.

Vinyl floor tape can be applied from long rolls or in slip-resistant patches in areas where weather, detergent, grease and other hazards are common.