Waste Receptacles: Types and Uses

trash binTrash and clutter are the enemy of any efficient business. So having adequate waste receptacles available in your manufacturing or warehouse facility is critical to streamlined and profitable operations.

Waste receptacles, also known as trash cans or waste bins, comeĀ in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Some are portable and have two or four wheels while others are stationary. In most cases, portable waste receptacles are made of hard, high-impact plastic. This gives them durability and makes them easier to clean.

Heavier duty waste receptacles, such as dumpster and those that include trash compactors, typically are made of heavy steel. This provides both the support needed to contain large, heavy amounts of trash and gives them a stability that prevents them from easily shifting or moving out of position.

Types of Waste Receptacles

Some waste receptacles are vented to allow for improved air flow. This can be desirable in the case of gaseous refuse or food waste. Others have foot petals that operate a lid that can be opened and closed by the person submitting the trash. These are commonly used in offices, lavatories or public areas where the observance of waste is not wanted.

While two-wheeled waste receptacles, known as “wheelies”, offer both portability and relative stability, four-wheeled waste receptacles can be easily rolled from area to area and are ideal for emptying other waste receptacles and transporting trash to a dumpster or garbage area.

Some waste receptacles have detachable wheels, allowing the trash can to be portable during some periods and free-standing at others, depending on their uses. Detachable wheels also can be fitted onto different waste receptacles, offering versatility and reducing costs.

When Looks Matter

For waste receptacles located outdoors and to be used by the public, a more cosmetic appearance is sometimes desirable. In this instance, steel stone panel receptacles may be the best solution. These are sometimes fitted with domed tops to prevent the trash inside the receptacle from becoming dampened by rain or snow.

Another popular option are waste receptacles made from recycled materials. Some models feature handsome wood paneled sides as well as a domed lid to prevent moisture seepage.

21st Century Waste Receptacles

There are even futuristic waste receptacles that are fitted with motion detectors that open and close the lid automatically whenever a hand or other object is waved in front of it. This type of hands-free waste receptacle offers both convenience and act as a conversation starter. Plus, they can entertain children and pets for hours.

While some waste receptacles come directly into contact with the garbage they carry, this isn’t always desirable when if the trash includes food or waste that is wet or damp. To reduce cleaning and cut down on undesirable odors, plastic trash liners are often placed inside trash receptacles. This allows the easy removal of the trash without causing spillage or debris from coming into contact with the receptacle itself.

Whatever your business’ waste receptacle needs, Bahrns offers a full array of waste receptacles for every application.