Mezzanine Safety Gates Improve Warehouse Safety

Modern warehouses operate more efficiently by taking advantage of their vertical footprint, rather than expanding horizontally. Building up rather than out reduces floor space, decreases property taxes and reduces maintenance and care.

But there are inherent risks with storing products one or more stories in the air. Without adequate safety devices, products and workers can easily become the victims of gravity. Falling objects can cause injuries to those working below. And workers who accidentally slip off of raised surfaces can become injured or even killed.

Benko Products — a warehouse supply maker based in Sheffield Village, Ohio — has come up with a solution: The Protect-O-Gate Mezzanine ┬áSafety Gates.

These colorful iron gate assemblies can be installed on mezzanine loading areas to improve safety and reduce the risk of damage or injury. Their bright colors also call attention to potential dangers.

Most of the mezzanine safety gates come fully assembled, so there’s no cutting or welding required for installation. They can be used in a variety of installations and feature welded tubular steel that is designed to handle a lot of wear and tear. They come in pivot gates, self-closing swing gates, and gates that take up very little space.