Is Bubble Wrap Actually Good for the Environment?

using bubble wrap is good for the environmentEverybody loves bubble wrap. Businesses love the versatility and safety it provides when shipping products through the supply chain. Consumers love it because they know the products they order will arrive intact and undamaged. Even children love to play with bubble wrap, squeezing the tiny air pockets and delighting in the cascade of popping sounds.

But bubble wrap is actually good for the environment for a number of important reasons. First, bubble wrap provides superior cushioning than other forms of packaging, such as corrugated cardboard, recycled newspaper or shredded paper. It is made from polyethylene that is formed into air pockets. This trapped air provides a cushion that prevents damage during the inevitable jostling and impacts that occur during shipping. That means fewer items are damaged to the point where they have to be returned. Shipping items back to where they came from and then shipping replacement products can double or even triple your freight costs for that product- and increases emissions.

Packaging That Is As Light As Air

Because it is made mostly from air and lightweight plastic, bubble wrap is lighter than other forms of packaging.  This reduces shipping and freight costs and also cuts down on the amount of fuel that has to be burned in order to transport products by road, rail, water or air. Saving fuel not only reduces freight charges, but also cuts down on emissions that can be harmful to the environment.

Bubble wrap also requires less packaging materials while providing superior protection. This type of source reduction cuts down on the amount of natural resources that have to be expended for packaging.

Completely Recyclable and Reusable

It’s also reusable. If you avoid the temptation to bring bubble wrap home for your kids to play with, you can actually turn around and reuse it to ship your products to wherever they need to go. Using bubble wrap multiple times lets you save money on packaging products and also increases its usable life.

Finally, bubble wrap is completely recyclable. Once it is all popped out, bubble wrap can be turned into a recycling center where it can be processed and reused over and over again.

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