Badges with Name Tags Can Build Organizational Unity

Employee IDWhen you walk through your workplace, how many people do you actually know by name?

Even when you work with people every day, it’s sometimes hard to know all of their names … or for older adults, to remember their names!

Company badges that contain photos and workers’ names are convenient for timekeeping purposes. But they also can help create an atmosphere of unity and togetherness within an organization.

Value of Worker Badges

Many companies today use worker badges to identify their employees. Requiring workers to wear their badges on lanyards around their necks is an easy way to see instantly who belongs in the workplace and who doesn’t.

Badges also can be embedded with important information, including employee ID numbers that can be used to clock workers in and out, allow access to restricted areas, and even track their productivity.

Some badges use magnetic strips to carry this information while others include small RFID chips that can contain even more essential data.

First Names Only

Some employees may have privacy concerns if you include both their first and last names on their company ID badges, especially if they have to deal with outside customers.

But very few people have a problem with including just their first name on their employee IDs. In fact, most workers enjoy being able to know their co-workers’ first names without having to ask. They can then call their co-workers by name on the job, in the break room, or elsewhere at work.

This is a simple addition that can significantly add to the sense of community within your organization. When your work force is referring to each other by their first names, it helps them feel as if they are part of something bigger.

Other Inclusions

You can include other information on employee IDs that helps start conversations and encourage people to get to know each other better.

These can include things like the year they started with the organization, their home town, or which department they work in.

Some companies are also adding fun and interesting facts on ID badges. For example, Live Nation, a company that manages concert venues, includes the employee’s name as well as the first concert the employee ever attended.

Name tags are a tried and true way to break down barriers between people. Including first names and other information on employee work badges can help improve organizational unity within your company.