Stretch Film Offers Savings, Security and Efficiency

Stretch FilmWrapping pallets and other materials in stretch film can save your company money, cut down on product loss and damage, and improve operational efficiencies.

Stretch Film Saves Money

Using stretch film is a great way to save money. It can be used to consolidate loads, making them less time intensive than handling loose boxes. This can save you money on labor.

But stretch film is also among the most affordable shipping supplies. compared to other packaging and bundling materials, stretch film gives you the most yield for the dollar.

And transportation costs can also be reduced because consolidating loads with plastic wrap allows you to move them through the supply chain more quickly. Trucks, train cars and shipping containers can spend less time at the loading dock and your products can arrive at their destination more quickly.

Increased Security

Loads that are sealed in stretch wrap experience less pilferage and theft because individual items are almost impossible to remove without damaging the plastic seal. When theft do occur, they can be detected more quickly, often resulting in recovery of the lost products.

Damage caused during transport also can be reduced with stretch film. Products won’t fall off the pallet and run over by a forklift or pallet jack, or be dropped and damaged by impact the way they can when carried by hand.

During transit, workers can easily see the size and shape of loads wrapped in stretch wrap so they won’t put heavier loads on top of lighter loads, which can cause crushing damage. Cartons that are shipped individually don’t always have this advantage.

More Benefits to Stretch Film

Large, unitized loads that have been wrapped in stretch wrap can be identified, counted and managed more easily than individual boxes or smaller parcels. Consequently, inventory control can be improved and delivery through the supply chain can be optimized.

When transparent stretch film is used, UPC codes, labels and lot codes can be scanned and read right through the plastic, so the loads don’t need to be unwrapped, broken down, scanned, rebuilt and rewrapped. This can result in a huge time savings.

In some cases, the use of strong, durable stretch film means you don’t have to invest as much in other more expensive packaging materials such as denser corrugated boxes. Thinner corrugate, which costs less, can sometimes be used.

Finally, stretch film is good for the environment because it is 100% recyclable.