Five Ways to Control Traffic in Your Workplace

Warehouse dock. (Courtesy: Brooklyn Brewery at
Warehouse dock.
(Courtesy: Brooklyn Brewery at

Vehicles and pedestrians don’t mix. Whether it is forklifts running through the aisles of your warehouse, trucks backing into your dock, or cars pulling into your driveway or parking lot, the more you can do to separate people and machines, the safer your workplace will be.

Controlling traffic is essential to the safety of your employees and visitors. But it also can help build the bottom line of your business. Spending money to resolve lawsuits or pay hospital bills cuts into your profitability. Spending money upfront to improve traffic safety is a smarter investment that will save you money in the long run.

Here are five traffic control products that can help improve the safety of your workplace starting today.

Speed Bumps

Regardless of how many speed limit signs you put up or stern warnings you give, there are always going to be speeders. The one sure fire way to slow the down is to take away their choice in the matter.

Speed bumps made of 100% recycled materials will do the trick whether speeders like it or not. Unless they want to hit the speed bump at a fast rate of speed and risk damaging their vehicle, they will slow down.

Traffic Cones

Brightly colored traffic cones are a highly visible way to tell drivers what you want them to do. They also can be set up in any configuration you want.

Traffic cones can be used to block off restricted areas, prevent people from parking where they don’t belongĀ and guide vehicles into the traffic lanes you want. They combine versatility with effectiveness.

Traffic Signs

In a city or town, putting up a new traffic sign literally takes an act of Congress … or at least the town council. But you can put up any signs you want on your property without asking anybody’s permission.

Traffic signs can designate parking areas, stop traffic at busy intersections, and create speed limits to slow vehicles down. Put them up along driveways and parking lots to create the traffic patterns and flow you want.

Delineator Posts

Delineator posts create a physical barricade that prevents vehicles from entering restricted areas. They come in both permanent and portable versions.

Parking Blocks

Rubber or concrete parking blocks tell drivers how far they can go when pulling their vehicles into parking spots. They are effective at preventing vehicles from rolling onto grass, adjacent parking spaces, and other restricted areas.

Traffic control products help you control traffic in your workplace.