Helpful Tips for Purchasing Used and Reconditioned Forklifts

Used or Reconditioned Forklifts
Used forklifts are an economical answer especially if you are on a tight budget.

Learning the basics about forklifts can lead to the right choice of having a good buy.  Proper knowledge and understanding about fuel type, load weight, lift weight, door height, door width, floor surfaces, roof height and attachments is necessary. Before buying a used forklift you also need to consider your budget.

Pre inspect the equipment as to its records, service history and warranty. Make sure that the warranty is not only limited to parts and labor but other cost concerning the equipment. Be aware of the manufacturer’s warranty, it is very important. Major supplier’s guarantees used forklifts for they are properly maintained. Inspect the equipment with the help of a mechanic to have a good evaluation of the forklift. Good mechanics are skilled for this kind of job and can help you make a right decision in purchasing a used forklift.

Have time to inspect the equipment before buying. Check the tires, seat, counter weight, mass, controls, brakes, paint, engine number, chassis number, rating plate and hour meter. Inspect the forks if there are cracks to avoid accidents. Giving time inspecting each part can avoid extra cost for its repair and maintenance. Being extra careful is wise and can lead to a good buy.

An actual test drive is needed to ensure that the equipment is working fine. In test driving, consider the following: acceleration, turns, stops, reverses, lifts and tilts of the equipment. Also consider having a service plan to avoid other cost. Ask the dealer if they are offering a service plan to have a special discount. Used forklifts for sale can now easily be found on online stores for easy access.