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Connects two wheel risers ideal for easy position
Raised diamond treadplate surface provides a non-slip grip
Allows a fork truck to move risers as one
Built in compliance with OSHA/ANSI B56.1 part 3 sec 38
Works With Model Number: SWR-18-6-60, SWR-18-6-72, SWR-18-6-84, SWR-18-8-60, SWR-18-8-72, SWR-18-8-84, SWR-18-8-96, SWR-18-10-60, SWR-18-10-72, SWR-18-10-84, SWR-18-10-96, SWR-18-12-72, SWR-18-12-84, SWR-18-12-96, SWR-18-12-108, SWR-24-6-60, SWR-24-6-72, SWR-24-6-84, SWR-24-8-60, SWR-24-8-72, SWR-24-8-84, SWR-24-8-96, SWR-24-10-60, SWR-24-10-72, SWR-24-10-84, SWR-24-10-96, SWR-24-12-72, SWR-24-12-84, SWR-24-12-96, SWR-24-12-108
This Central Pick-Up Loop connects two (2) wheel risers allowing a fork truck to easily position and move risers as one.
Weight 98.0
Width (in.) 54.625
Length (in.) 36
Height (in.) 5.4375
Fork Pocket Width/Height (in.) 7-1/2 x 2-1/2
Fork Pocket Center (in.) 24
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