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Status: Available
Lead Time to Ship for Qty of 1 = 23 Business Days
Priced Per: EACH
Optional "V-Groove" track section for ideal operation
Ideal for the steel gantry cranes for maximum efficiency
Features durable construction for added strength and long life
Use in industrial applications for optimal results
Works With Model Number: AHS-2-10-12, AHS-2-10-14, AHS-2-10-16, AHS-2-15-7, AHS-2-15-9, AHS-2-15-10, AHS-2-15-12, AHS-2-15-14, AHS-2-15-16, AHS-2-20-12, AHS-2-20-14, AHS-2-20-16, AHS-4-10-12, AHS-4-10-14, AHS-4-10-16, AHS-4-15-7, AHS-4-15-9, AHS-4-15-10, AHS-4-15-12, AHS-4-15-14, AHS-4-15-16, AHS-4-20-12, AHS-4-20-14, AHS-4-20-16, AHS-6-10-12, AHS-6-10-14, AHS-6-10-16, AHS-6-15-7, AHS-6-15-9, AHS-6-15-10, AHS-6-15-12, AHS-6-15-14, AHS-6-15-16, AHS-6-20-12, AHS-6-20-14, AHS-6-20-16, AHS-8-10-12, AHS-8-10-14, AHS-8-10-16, AHS-8-15-7, AHS-8-15-9, AHS-8-15-10, AHS-8-15-12, AHS-8-15-14, AHS-8-15-16, AHS-8-20-12, AHS-8-20-14, AHS-8-20-16, AHSN-2-10-12, AHSN-2-10-14, AHSN-2-10-16, AHSN-2-15-10, AHSN-2-15-12, AHSN-2-15-14, AHSN-2-15-16, AHSN-2-15-7, AHSN-2-15-9, AHSN-2-20-12, AHSN-2-20-14, AHSN-2-20-16, AHSN-4-10-12, AHSN-4-10-14, AHSN-4-10-16, AHSN-4-15-10, AHSN-4-15-12, AHSN-4-15-14, AHSN-4-15-16, AHSN-4-15-7, AHSN-4-15-9, AHSN-4-20-12, AHSN-4-20-14, AHSN-4-20-16, AHSN-6-10-12, AHSN-6-10-14, AHSN-6-10-16, AHSN-6-15-10, AHSN-6-15-12, AHSN-6-15-14, AHSN-6-15-16, AHSN-6-15-7, AHSN-6-15-9, AHSN-6-20-12, AHSN-6-20-14, AHSN-6-20-16, AHSN-8-10-12, AHSN-8-10-14, AHSN-8-10-16, AHSN-8-15-10, AHSN-8-15-12, AHSN-8-15-14, AHSN-8-15-16, AHSN-8-15-7, AHSN-8-15-9, AHSN-8-20-12, AHSN-8-20-14, AHSN-8-20-16, FHS-2-10, FHS-2-15, FHS-2-20, FHS-4-10, FHS-4-15, FHS-4-20, FHS-6-10, FHS-6-15, FHS-6-20, FHS-8-10, FHS-8-15, FHS-8-20, FHSN-2-10, FHSN-2-15, FHSN-2-20, FHSN-4-10, FHSN-4-15, FHSN-4-20, FHSN-6-10, FHSN-6-15, FHSN-6-20, FHSN-8-10, FHSN-8-15, FHSN-8-20
Optional V-groove track section for the steel gantry cranes (one side only).
Weight 52.0
Width (in.) 6.625
Length (in.) 119.875
Height (in.) 1.1875
Section Length (ft.) 10
# Mounting Holes 10
Mounting Hole Diameter (in.) 9/16
Plate Thickness (in.) 1/4
Plate Width (in.) 2
Plate Length (in.) 2-1/4
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