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Status: Available
Lead Time to Ship for Qty of 1 = 43 Business Days
Priced Per: SET
Mesh construction for visibility of wares.
Bright finish to promote awareness
Extends height of hopper
Diminishes chance of overflowing products
Works With Model Number: D-300-HD, D-300-HD-BG, D-300-HD-BLK-HG, D-300-HD-BLK-SG, D-300-HD-BL-S, D-300-HD-BRN-EB, D-300-HD-BRN-KT, D-300-HD-BRN-SB, D-300-HD-GAL, D-300-HD-GRN-H, D-300-HD-GRN-T, D-300-HD-GY-MG, D-300-HD-GY-SG, D-300-HD-ORG-C, D-300-HD-SL, D-300-HD-SR, D-300-HD-WHT, D-300-HD-YEL, D-300-LD, D-300-LD-BG, D-300-LD-BLK-HG, D-300-LD-BLK-SG, D-300-LD-BL-S, D-300-LD-BRN-EB, D-300-LD-BRN-KT, D-300-LD-BRN-SB, D-300-LD-GRN-H, D-300-LD-GRN-T, D-300-LD-GY-MG, D-300-LD-GY-SG, D-300-LD-ORG-C, D-300-LD-SL, D-300-LD-SR, D-300-LD-WHT, D-300-LD-YEL, D-300-MD, D-300-MD-BG, D-300-MD-BLK-HG, D-300-MD-BLK-SG, D-300-MD-BL-S, D-300-MD-BRN-EB, D-300-MD-BRN-KT, D-300-MD-BRN-SB, D-300-MD-GRN-H, D-300-MD-GRN-T, D-300-MD-GY-MG, D-300-MD-GY-SG, D-300-MD-ORG-C, D-300-MD-SL, D-300-MD-SR, D-300-MD-WHT, D-300-MD-YEL
The D style hopper front extensions are great addition for material handling and construction facilities. An added height design provides the standard “D” style hopper with added room to handle materials. The extended fronts are constructed of steel mesh for high strength durability during transference of goods, while the yellow painted finish delivers greater visibility to the overflowing items.
Weight 50.0
Width (in.) 81.3125
Length (in.) 64.9375
Height (in.) 15.6875
Hardware Included
Usable Width (in.) 78-3/16
Usable Length (in.) 63-5/16
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