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Status: Available
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Priced Per: KIT
Designed to be easily installed on hoppers
Casters allow hopper units to be transported without the use of a fork truck
Robust assembly provides long lasting resilient use
Both rigid and swivel designs included for maneuverability
Works With Model Number: H-25-HD, H-25-HD-BG, H-25-HD-BLK-HG, H-25-HD-BLK-SG, H-25-HD-BL-S, H-25-HD-BRN-EB, H-25-HD-BRN-KT, H-25-HD-BRN-SB, H-25-HD-GAL, H-25-HD-GRN-H, H-25-HD-GRN-T, H-25-HD-GY-MG, H-25-HD-GY-SG, H-25-HD-ORG-C, H-25-HD-SL, H-25-HD-SR, H-25-HD-WHT, H-25-HD-YEL, H-25-LD, H-25-LD-BG, H-25-LD-BLK-HG, H-25-LD-BLK-SG, H-25-LD-BL-S, H-25-LD-BRN-EB, H-25-LD-BRN-KT, H-25-LD-BRN-SB, H-25-LD-GRN-H, H-25-LD-GRN-T, H-25-LD-GY-MG, H-25-LD-GY-SG, H-25-LD-ORG-C, H-25-LD-SL, H-25-LD-SR, H-25-LD-WHT, H-25-LD-YEL, H-25-MD, H-25-MD-BG, H-25-MD-BLK-HG, H-25-MD-BLK-SG, H-25-MD-BL-S, H-25-MD-BRN-EB, H-25-MD-BRN-KT, H-25-MD-BRN-SB, H-25-MD-GRN-H, H-25-MD-GRN-T, H-25-MD-GY-MG, H-25-MD-GY-SG, H-25-MD-ORG-C, H-25-MD-SL, H-25-MD-SR, H-25-MD-WHT, H-25-MD-YEL, H-50-HD, H-50-HD-BG, H-50-HD-BLK-HG, H-50-HD-BLK-SG, H-50-HD-BL-S, H-50-HD-BRN-EB, H-50-HD-BRN-KT, H-50-HD-BRN-SB, H-50-HD-GAL, H-50-HD-GRN-H, H-50-HD-GRN-T, H-50-HD-GY-MG, H-50-HD-GY-SG, H-50-HD-ORG-C, H-50-HD-SL, H-50-HD-SR, H-50-HD-WHT, H-50-HD-YEL, H-50-LD, H-50-LD-BG, H-50-LD-BLK-HG, H-50-LD-BLK-SG, H-50-LD-BL-S, H-50-LD-BRN-EB, H-50-LD-BRN-KT, H-50-LD-BRN-SB, H-50-LD-GRN-H, H-50-LD-GRN-T, H-50-LD-GY-MG, H-50-LD-GY-SG, H-50-LD-ORG-C, H-50-LD-SL, H-50-LD-SR, H-50-LD-WHT, H-50-LD-YEL, H-50-MD, H-50-MD-BG, H-50-MD-BLK-HG, H-50-MD-BLK-SG, H-50-MD-BL-S, H-50-MD-BRN-EB, H-50-MD-BRN-KT, H-50-MD-BRN-SB, H-50-MD-GRN-H, H-50-MD-GRN-T, H-50-MD-GY-MG, H-50-MD-GY-SG, H-50-MD-ORG-C, H-50-MD-SL, H-50-MD-SR, H-50-MD-WHT, H-50-MD-YEL
Casters for the self-dumping hoppers create a more worthwhile portable unit. Casters are constructed of semi-steel for strength and durability throughout a lifetime of use. The high capacity allows the simple transport of heavy loads promoting task efficiency. Casters are bolted-on by utilizing the factory stamped hole in the fork tubes.
Weight 35.0
Width (in.) 2
Length (in.) 6
Height (in.) 7.625
Uniform Capacity per caster (lb.) 6000
Caster Quantity/Diameter/Width (in.) (3) 6 x 2
Caster Quantity/Type (2) Rigid (1) Swivel
Added Height H-Style Hopper (in.) 3-3/4
Flat Washer (qty.) 8
Carriage Bolt (qty.) 8
Lock Nut (qty.) 8
Bracket (qty.) 2
Pin, Bulldog Bolt and Nut Assembly 4
Top Plate Dimensions (in.) 4 x 4-1/2
Hole Spacing (Center to Center)(in.) 2-3/4 x 3-1/4
Carriage Bolt Size (in.) 3/8 x 1-1/2
Bull Dog Bolt Nut combo (in.) 3/8 x 5
Stabilizing Leg Quantity 2
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