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Warehouse Supplies

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Warehouse Supplies

Bahrns Equipment, Inc. opened its doors in Effingham, Illinois in 1966. The choice of Effingham as its center of operations was a strategic one: Effingham is at the crossroads of several major East-West and North-South interstate highways in America's industrial heartland.

From the outset, Bahrns' goal was to be able to give its customers throughout Illinois and adjoining states fast, efficient and complete service. Now that the company has moved into cyberspace, the goal remains the same, but with a nationwide reach.



The World of Warehouse Supplies


In The History of Material Handling Equipment, we argued that “material handling equipment is at the heart of America’s success as a nation.” That’s quite a statement, but it’s backed up by facts. Another fact is that without these valuable items, the wheels of the industry could not operate as smoothly and efficiently as they do.

Most of us take it for granted. Take a moment to imagine what you would do without them, though, and you’ll quickly see how important they really are. continued below . . .

We offer:


Let’s start with office products. Imagine if you didn’t have a filing system, for example. How efficiently would your office operate without it? What about all your office furniture? Can you imagine sitting cross-legged on the floor next to stacks of invoices and receipts and running your office smoothly and efficiently?

Now let’s move out to the floor. You’ve got the latest model forklift, but what are you going to do with all those pallets if you don’t have pallet racks for them? How well could your forklifts maneuver through the facility if you didn’t have shelving systems for all the hundreds of items you use every day?

The industrial world as we know it today is a product of over a century of growth and development in the material handling field. Every supply we use is an improvement over the previous generation. Take packaging tape, for example. At Bahrns we sell at least a dozen types of packaging tapes. Some are for general purposes, but others serve specific purposes better than their predecessors.

It is possible to pull a length of packaging tape out by hand and use your teeth or a pair of scissors to cut it. Many people do and if they’re just putting together a cardboard box or two, they probably can live without a tape dispenser. In a facility, something as simple as a tape dispenser saves countless hours of work over the course of a year. In a world where time is money, tape dispensers are as indispensable as forklifts.

Having a large range of product available to our customers is as important to us as being able to supply them with a new or used forklift. There may not be much of a profit to be made out of a tape dispenser, but making tape dispensers available to our customers is part of our full service policy. We know how inconvenient it is to have to order your packaging products from one source, your shop equipment from another and your office products from yet another supplier. Having them at your fingertips from one online source makes life easier for you and helps make your business run more smoothly.

If this is the first time you’ve visited our website, take a closer look at our range of products before you go. We think you’ll be surprised and delighted when you discover you can find the full range of equipment and products all in one convenient location.

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