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    Most Lawn & Garden Parts are 1 to 7 Business Days Lead Time to Ship.
    Parts listed as Available are either IN STOCK or can be order from the Manufacturer and received in-house.

LawnEQ has moved to Bahrns.com.

We believe one of the main reasons we have a loyal customer base is due to our consistency with being transparent with our valued customers.

The reason for the brand name change is due to requirements by numerous dealership agreements with suppliers of the parts we have made available on LawnEQ, through our parent company, Bahrns Equipment, Inc..

We assure you, the ONLY thing that has changed is the brand. LawnEQ = Bahrns.com. We have the same trusted staff, the same parts, the same customer service operated by the same family owned business, Bahrns Equipment, Inc..

Where on Bahrns.com can you find your favorite go-to Lawn & Garden parts? Go to the top menu on Bahrns.com and click “PARTS – Lawn & Garden” to get started.

We thank you for your continued patronage and look forward to continuing to provide you with the very best of customer service you've come to depend on.

- From the Management Team formerly known as LawnEQ!