Stealth Night Hawk 4X4


Stealth Hunting Golf CartsThe Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 is more than just a name. When Stealth set out to build the world's best electric vehicles, they had hunters in mind. When you're out in the field, stealth is what it's all about and the image of a hawk flying through the night sky, silently stalking its prey, is perfect for the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4.

This whisper quiet hunting machine is one of the few to be designated as a Long Range Electric Vehicle (LREV). Just as the hawk can silently cover miles of ground undetected by even animals with the keenest senses of hearing and smell, the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 can cover up to 30 miles on a full charge. This is more than enough to take you deep into the woods and back again. Stealth Night Hawk 4x4

Stealth Night Hawk 4x4 - A Well Engineered Hunting Golf Cart

Unlike manufacturers of other electric UTVs, who often just take an ordinary golf cart and put it in a fancy looking shell, Stealth engineers purpose build the full range of Stealth UTVs from the ground up. The Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 starts with a wide, stable wheel base, big 12" aluminum wheels, 25" off road tires and 4 wheel disk brakes. Its 800 lb heavy duty rear leaf springs and heavy duty solid rear axle make it tough enough to handle the roughest terrain.

When you've created an under-chassis suspension system as tough as the one on the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4, you've got to back it up with enough power to handle the terrain. The Night Hawk's 72 volt, 30 horsepower electric engine does just that. You don't need to worry about extremes in weather, either. Unlike inferior electric vehicles, the Night Hawk has an operating range of between -13 to +135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stealth Night Hawk 4x4 - Built for Perfection

The camouflage finish on the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4 frame is not there just for looks. It helps you stay hidden from sight and covers a tough aircraft quality triple walled extruded aluminum shell. Light weight, tough and powerful, the Night Hawk carries the largest payload and has highest power to weight ratio (72 volts @ 1580 lbs) in the industry.

Stealth Night Hawk 4x4Inside the cockpit, the Stealth Night Hawk is as high tech as it is outside. The ergonomically designed front cockpit seats are made of carbon fiber material and have rugged 3 point seat belts. In the back, you've got a 4-in-1 seat kit that can quickly be converted into an extra 2 seats or a dump bed. with or without a cargo box and tailgate. The instrument panel includes a marine quality compass and battery fuel gauge, so you always know where you're going and how much power you've got left.

All of these are just standard features on the Stealth Night Hawk 4X4. Add on a few optional features and you get even more bang for your buck. How about an optional solar roof cover to add even more miles to your distance range? A gun rack will keep your weapons safe and accessible at a moment's notice.

As you can see, the Stealth Night Hawk is far more than an electric golf cart made to look like a UTV. It is a genuine off road electric vehicle, made tough enough for rugged terrain, yet silent enough to give you the Stealth you need to sneak up on your prey and have a successful day of hunting.



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