Other Products by Bahrns Equipment, Inc.

Bahrns Equipment, Inc., the parent company of Bahrns.com, has other products and divisions. Along with our Material Handing division and Toyota Lift dealership serving Southern and Central Illinois, our corporate office, located in Effingham, Illinois has a large Lawn and Garden equipment dealership. Bahrns Equipment's Parts and Service Center is unmatched in the region for customer service and expertise in the field.


LawnEQ Lawn Mower Parts and Small Engine Parts Specialists

LawnEq - A Division of Bahrns Equipment, Inc.

LawnEq.com has a large selection of lawn mower parts and small engine parts.  LawnEq is our online presence for lawn and garden equipment. Some of the brands we carry include Kubota, Landpride, Toro, Echo, Stihl, Briggs & Stratton, Kohler, Honda, Kawasaki and more.

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Forklift Accessories the internet's Number One source for forklift accessories, attachments and parts


Forklift accessories and forklift attachments are available on our online site. With a large selection of products, including forklift accessories, forklift attachments, forklift parts, and more, you can find many common products needed for large and small companies.

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ReconditionedForklifts More Than Used Forklifts


Expand your business needs without the extra added expenses of a new model with used or reconditioned forklifts. Look no further than ReconditionedForklifts.com for a great selection of quality and durable used or reconditioned forklifts.

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Additional Products

Sidney Slide Zero Degree Sliding Delivery Deck

Sidney Slide

Bahrns Equipment is the sole dealer for Sidney Slide custom truck bed.  The Sidney Slide custom truck bed is unique in its efficient design specifically for parts delivery.

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