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An industry exclusive to Valley Craft, the self-powered clamp & rotate provides two fully hydraulic functions that are activated by an ergonomic hand held pendant. A single set of fully hydraulic jaws automatically adjusts to most drum diameters (18-28"). Rotating function offers full 360° rotation for inverting and pouring to both the right and left. FOB Shipping Point.

A) Lift-Truck Powered - Unit requires lift truck equipped with auxiliary valve control and hydraulic quick couplers for operation. The clamp/unclamp feature is accomplished via a rope pull activation of the selector valve.

B) Self Powered - Equipped with a built in 12-volt, battery operated Power-Pack and self contained hydraulics. Features system pressure gauge and battery discharge indicator with hour meter and clock. Includes corded control box. Batteries and charger are included.

C) Skid Steer Attachment - Allows operator to handle drums at reclamation area, construction landfills and any other locations where drums and loaders are necessary. Includes rubber-lined jaws, hoses and standard 1/2" quick couplers and 360° rotation in both directions.  The clamp/unclamp feature is accomplished by activating the selector valve (via a rope pull) on top of the frame. When the rope is not being pulled, the same hydraulic lever will activate the rotating function.


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