Poly Bags and Sealers are great way to package products.  We have a variety of poly bags and sealers such as tube rolls or open top for use with heat sealers, as well as self seal , woven parts bags, mini grip, and drawstring.  Find the poly bags and sealers best suited for your application at Bahrns.com.

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Economical Self-Seal Bags

  Economical Self-Seal Bags  feature single-track zippered tops with...

$9.30 - $285.00

Economical Self-Seal Bags

Strong, reclosable Poly Bags feature single-track zippered tops with wide openings for...

$1.52 - $452.00

Impulse Heat Sealers

Impulse Heat Sealers keep parts secure with a tamperproof seal on poly bags or shrink...

$9.28 - $275.45

Self-Seal Bags with Labeling Block

Reusable Self-Seal Poly Bags have white labeling block that allows for quantity or size...

$4.14 - $269.00

Open Top Poly Bags

Open Top Poly Bags  are completely reusable, economical, durable, and...

$2.08 - $563.00

Drawstring Poly Bags

Double-pull cotton string closes the Drawstring Poly bag securely. | Can be hung from...

$156.69 - $272.45

Poly Tube Rolls

Poly Tube Rolls can be cut to the precise length you need and sealed on both ends to...

$49.60 - $425.15

Package your product with Poly Bags and Sealers from Bahrns.com.  Need help?  Please call us at 1-800-432-2909.