is a distributer of Mezzanines and Prefabricated Buildings.  Utilizing mezzanines and prefabricated buildings creates extra floor space, storage, work platforms, work stations, and is an economical way to add in-plant prefabricated offices without expensive construction costs.  Mezzanines and prefabricated buildings are an excellent alternative to building additions for a growing business.

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WILDECK Accessories For Mezzanines

Submit approval drawings for all orders showing size and height of mezzanine, type of...

$35.23 - $1,539.91

WILDECK Safety Tilt Gate for Mezzanines

WILDECK® Safety Tilt Gate pulls back and lifts out keeping employees away from...


WILDECK Stairs For Mezzanines

WILDECK Stairs are 36" wide. Add stairs to meet top deck of mezzanine. Closed tread...

$2,984.02 - $4,966.05

WILDECK Mezzanines

Double your usable floor space by utilizing WILDECK® Pre-Engineered...

$7.09 - $49,957.00

Walkways for Industrial Stairways

EGA Walkways may be used with a stairway or as a stand-alone platform. Handrails are...

$1,034.93 - $2,515.96

EGA Industrial Stairways

EGA Industrial Stairways, Walkways, and Landings provide durable, reliable access to...

$1,024.00 - $2,136.72

Let help expand your business with mezzanines and prefabricated buildings.  If you need assistance call 1-800-432-2909.