Industrial Supplies from Bahrns Industrial Supply Company

If you’re looking for industrial supplies, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1966, the Bahrns Industrial Supply Company has been serving the materials handling sector in Central Illinois and since going online, has expanded their reach to include a steadily growing number of loyal customers throughout the United States and Canada. What is the secret of their success?

The secret of Bahrns’ success can be summed up in three words - Selection, Quality and Service:

Industrial Supplies The Largest Selection of Industrial Supplies Online

Browse the Bahrns site online catalog and you’ll quickly discover there’s almost nothing you can’t find. From a roll of packing tape to the forklifts you need to run a warehouse, you can find it all at Bahrns. This is one reason why so many business owners turn to Bahrns for everything they need. Why use half a dozen companies to purchase from when one can give you everything you need?

The Best Quality Products

Bahrns carefully selects every product in their inventory. With over forty years experience behind them, they know that quality counts and they know who has quality products. When you order from Bahrns, you know you are getting the best products on the market at the best possible prices.

The Best Service

Along with the largest selection and the best quality, the Bahrns commitment to service is unsurpassed anywhere – online or off. This extends from pre-sales advice that is freely given to after-sales service and advice.

A typical warehouse needs dozens of products every month. A partial list of just a few of these might include:


In addition, a growing business will occasionally need a new or used lift truck, pallet racks and other types of storage racks and systems, new office or lunchroom furniture and many other products for the industy. Each and every one of these can be found in the Bahrns catalog at very competitive prices. This simplifies the ordering process enormously, makes tracking orders far easier and leaves office staff free to perform other vital tasks.

The many satisfied customers who order their items from Bahrns on a regular basis know that after they place an order, they can sit back and relax, as it is in good hands. When their order arrives, everything will be there and work can carry on without interruption. They also know that they can always count on Bahrns to deliver. That’s been the secret of Bahrns’ success since 1966 and one of the secrets of their long term clientele’s success as well.

If you need industrial supplies, why not place an order with Bahrns today? Just find the product or products you need, add them to your cart and follow the prompts. If you want more personal assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Bahrns in person. An experienced member of the Bahrns team will help you with any questions you may have.




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