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EAGLE Paints, Inks, and Class III Combustibles Safety Cabinets

EAGLE Paints, Inks, and Class III Combustibles Safety Cabinets

Whether you own a small business, work for a large company, or just spend time in your garage with building and repair projects, it’s important to consider the safety and compliance issues of your operations. This can ensure the continued productivity, profit, or simple enjoyment you – or those working for you – gain from every day’s work. One example that could be overlooked is the storage of flammable and combustible liquids.

Look around the workplace. Are there containers of flammable materials just sitting around, waiting for the next project? Do you find combustible liquid containers left (perhaps absentmindedly) out on countertops? And if you have storage cabinets, are they in good condition? Have they been repainted, or do they have items attached to the doors that could ignite if a fire occurred? It’s common to see these kinds of issues in any workplace, but when you encounter them, what should you do?

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations, flammable and combustible liquids must be stored only in approved containers. These containers must also be constructed according to specifications adopted by OSHA, the National Fire Protection Agency and other safety and standards bodies. Storage containers, cabinets, and the rooms where they are located must be marked with labels that identify the potential hazard caused by the material or liquid’s flammability, as well as signs that ban smoking, as well as any work activity that could cause a spark, within the area.

Consider your storage options. All your hazardous materials must be kept in closed containers. You can’t use a normal refrigerator to store flammable or combustible liquids. Wooden shelves and other sub-standard storage solutions just aren’t acceptable! At we highly recommend flammable and combustible liquid storage cabinets. These special cabinets are equipped with two or more vents, protecting contents from external fires. And remember, if your cabinets are old or worn-out, replace them. Don’t repaint or repair such a cabinet, because afterwards there’s just no guarantee that it will be fully able to prevent the contents from burning or exploding!

Safety cabinets will keep your combustible and flammable liquids locked up and away from the potential for danger. At we offer storage, safety, small parts, modular drawer and wall-mounted cabinets, as well as bin/container shelving and racks for organizing your parts and products. Eagle Paints, Inks, and Class III Combustibles Safety Cabinets are perfect for most business, garage and workshop needs in this area. These safety cabinets are rated for Class III combustible storage, and featured double-wall, 18-gauge welded steel construction with 1-1/2 inch air space – which prevents build-up of explosive gases. If a fire occurs at your location, optional self-closing doors will shut automatically at 160-degrees Fahrenheit. This is achieved by a melting link, and will prevent flames from reaching the contents of your safety cabinet. Two 2 inch capped vents provide external exhaust, and the cabinet can be hooked to a ground wire for protection against static buildup. These cabinets are labeled with large and easily-readable “Flammable Keep Fire Away” messages written in three languages.


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