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KI Table Dollies

KI Table Dollies

If you have to move or store folding tables, you will want to choose a high-quality brand of dolly that will make your task a lot easier. While this might seem like a minor issue, the proper selection and proper use of table dollies can cut down one of the leading safety issues in many workplaces – the back injury.

If you’re looking for table dollies (also called table carts) in order to make it easier when you have to move and store folding tables in a school, church, or other business, it’s wise to gather info and consider your options. Some table dollies are made to move specific models of chairs, while others are more universal. Removable table dolly rails can ease the effort of loading a heavy folding table onto it, and of unloading it later.

Table dollies by KI are great for loading and storing folding tables, while preventing damage that’s caused by stacking. KI table dollies feature removable sideposts and endposts, making the loading and unloading process easier.

Lifting heavy or awkward loads can potentially result in back injuries. Sometimes, these unfortunate events can be prevented simply by having a table dolly on site. There’s no hard and fast rule on when to use table dollies – or other hand trucks – and you often have to use common sense to know when a load is too heavy or cumbersome to manually lift. It’s almost always safer to use a dolly or other helpful handling item, because it’s better to be cautious than reckless.

It does take some thought to choose the right table dolly for a job. Make sure you pick table dollies that are the right size and design to handle the tables you need to move. Before making your purchase decision, think about how you or your employees are involved in routine material handling, and how they perform lifting and moving tasks. It might be wise to review your company’s back injury records, or discuss with your employees how to prevent injuries.

Next time, we will consider some simple safety tips when using table dollies.


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