Benefits of Using Floor Striping in Industrial Applications

floor striping tapeOne of the most effective and affordable ways to manage your manufacturing or warehouse facility is through the use of floor striping tapes.

These bright, easy to see tapes are used to create distinctions between various parts of a warehouse or factory floor and can be used to designate everything from storage space, safety zones, employee break areas, and many other uses.

Versatility and Affordability

One of the biggest advantages of floor striping tape is its versatility. Tape can be applied and removed whenever you choose and will leave no unsightly marks on your floor when it is taken off. Zones can be expanded or contracted, or eliminated altogether, at will.

Another advantage is their affordability. Permanent marking of floor space areas with tile, industrial paints or solvents, or contrasting building materials can be costly and their installation can take important areas out of productive use for extended periods of time. Contrast this with floor tape which is as simple to apply as rolling it out and tapping it down.

Consider using different colored and sizes of tapes to designate different use areas. For example, a wide, white tape could be used to direct recommended safe walking routes for employees and visitors. A thinner red tape can indicate no-roll areas for forklifts and other heavy equipment. Blue tape can signify storage areas, and so on.

Some specialized floor striping tape contains wires, infrared radio frequency transmitters or other materials to guide Automatic Guided Vehicles and other robotic industrial equipment.

Installing Floor Striping  Tape

The installation of floor striping using brightly colored tape is simple. All you need to do is to designate the specific area that you wish to highlight with floor tape. Cleaning the area with a broom and/or a mop is recommended to remove any debris that might prevent the striping tape from adhering securely.

If necessary, you can measure it out using a measuring tool and draw an outline of where you would like to mark using a sh0p pencil or snap line.

Next, use a T-square or some other right angle to make your area appear straight, geometric and tidy. Once you have the lines you are looking for, you can measure out the appropriate length of tape using either your measuring tool (or just eyeball it), position it into place and press into position to adhere the tape to the floor surface securely. Check to make sure there are no bubbles or overlapping areas in the tape because these can present a tripping hazard.

Professional grade floor striping tapes are extremely durable and are designed to withstand even the toughest industrial environments, including being trampled on by employees and rolled over with forklifts, cherry pickers and other heavy equipment.

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